Project: Containing the spread of Covid-19 in Indigenous Communities in Peru

In Collaboration with our local partner AIDER, we are actively containing the spread of Covid-19 in several indigenous communities in Peru. This includes 3 communities in the Ucayali region, the Roya and Callería Indigenous of Shipibo Conibo, and the indigenous people of Cataibo.

The main project objective is to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus in selected iIndigenous communities. We aim to educate and raise awareness of the importance of hygiene, water and sanitation (WASH) as a protective measure against the spread of the Coronavirus. Additionally, supplies for hygiene and health protection (e.g.water filters, water containers, water purification products, containers and other supplies for latrines) will be provided to the families of these communities.

The educational activities mostly regard raising awareness of WASH. As these communities live quite rural, various methods will be used to ensure that the hygiene protocols are communicated effectively. For example, the communities in the Shipibo conibo region communicate with each other through the communities’ loudspeaker. This loudspeaker will be used to spread awareness of hygiene measures in their local language.

Contact person:

Dr. Patrícia Gallo (


This project is implemented together with our local partner:


This project is co-financed from tax funds based on the budget passed by the members of the Parliament of the Free State of Saxony:

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