Become a member

Currently, BluoVerda offers two membership options:

Become an active member to join our team and help to shape BluoVerda’s work. This is free of charge, but also all our members work pro-bono. However, getting in contact with local people and monitor projects is highly exciting and rewarding at the same time. Just send us an email or fill in our contact form below. 

You can become a supportive member through an annual membership fee. This is agreat opportunity for companies, or those who want to support the good cause but do not have time to actively participate. The donations are tax deductable.

Please write us to get more information about how to become a member as well as other ways to engage in the conservation of natural landscapes in Latin America.

Support BluoVerda with your Online Shopping

Besides engaging actively as a memeber or a financial supporting memeber there is the opportunity to help us with your online shopping! And the best is that it is easy, free and your contribution can greatly benefit nature conservation projects in Latin America! Enable BluoVerda Deutschalnd e.V. on Amazon & Gooding and help the world with your online shopping. Thank you very much!

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