Webinar "Geographic Information Systems: practical applications for sustainable natural resource management"

This event is organized as part of the training course "Project Monitoring and Reporting using Open Source Tools" organized by BluoVerda Deutschland e.V., Weltweit e.V. It is a DAAD funded event.

Our Key speakers and their topics:

  • Mateo Jaimes - Landcover mapping with Sentinel images and field data through Random Forest Classification
  • Virginia Valenti - Vulnerable and Exposed – A Drought Risk Assessment of Iraq’s Agriculture Sector
  • Assefa Wosnie & Miguel Alvarez - No survey without GPS: Environmental studies and vegetation surveys in the Great Rift Valley


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Webinar "Geographic Information Systems: practical applications for sustainable natural resource management"

When: 4. December 2020

How can Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help us combat problems such as water scarcity, deforestation and land degradation? How to use GIS for project monitoring and reporting? In this webinar, researchers and practitioners will present how they are using GIS systems in innovative ways to foster sustainability.

This event was co-organized by the Chair of Tropical and International Forestry of the Technical University of Dresden, BluoVerda Deutschland e.V., Weltweit e.V. and powered by 2811. This was a DAAD funded event.

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Key speakers:
Patrick Ribeiro, founder of OpenForest
Phillip Klughardt, QGIS for Water Access projects
Daniela Limache de la Fuente, Ph.D. candidate Technical University of Dresden

Webinar "How Brazil's right-wing populism is harnessing social media"

When: 12. November 2020

Since Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro took office, negative headlines and disturbing images have not ceased: of burning forests, cynicism in dealing with minorities, homophobic slogans, police violence in favelas and social tensions fuelled by the Covid 19 pandemic. The right-wing populist owes his election to the largely unknown congressman mainly to aggressive propaganda campaigns in the social media peppered with fake news. Know how from the USA also played a role. 

Ursula Prutsch analyses these media strategies. She uses some examples to show the importance of social media as platforms and networks for right-wing extremist ideas, what careers they produce and what ideologies are spread. Finally, she refers to the contacts of right-wing extremist groups in Brazil with those in the USA and Germany.

Speaker: Ursula Prutsch, Professor of US and Latin American history at the LMU Munich. 
Cooperation partner: SEBIT

Fundraising SOS Amazon Rainforest

When: 1.-3. October 2020

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, BluoVerda Deutschland e.V.  in cooperation with the Initiative Latinxs Leipizig aims to sensibilize indigenous families in Colombia and Peru on topics related to hygiene, water, and sanitation, as well as to implement basic but effective strategies to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. For example, a technical training with the communities to independently produce masks that meet the standards of the Ministry of Health, and the provision of necessary material for this activity. The Latinxs Initiative also aims to support the distribution of traditional seeds in Colombia: a strategy adopted by indigenous communities worldwide.

Cooperation partner: The Latinxs Initiative

The funds obtained through this campaign were used to start the project "Containing the spread of Covid-19 in Indigenous Communities in Peru".