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BluoVerda designs and implements projects and initiatives in Europe and Latin America. Our projects in Latin America support community empowerment for the benefit of people and nature and are conducted in close coordination with our local partners. In Europe, our work includes aware raising, education for sustainable development and training on natural resource management, biodiversity conservation and related skills and knowledge.

Resilient Water Supply in the Paraguayan Indigenous Community Ajoicucat – Mistolar

This project aims to make an essential contribution to securing the drinking water supply of a community threatened by drought in the semi-arid Chaco of Paraguay, thereby improving the adaptive capacity its population.


Conservation of "roble" (Amburana cearensis) in the Bolivian Chiquitano forests

This research project aims to contribute to the conservation, sustainable use, and management of Amburana cearensis populations by  assessing their current conservation state after the mega-fires of 2019 and 2020 in the Bolivian Chiquitano dry forest.

Climate Action Academy: Food systems and dietary habits

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of environmental education organisations working with youth on the topic of food systems and dietary habits.

Empowering Indigenous Women in the Peruvian Amazon through Sustainable Fashion and Entrepreneurship

This project supports the financial independence and entrepreneurship of indigenous women in the Peruvian Amazon.

Local Monitoring of the Amazon Rainforest using Open Source tools

This pilot project develops low-cost and user-friendly methods to timely detect forest disturbances, including illegal deforestation and forest degradation activities. 

Containing the spread of Covid-19 in Indigenous Communities in Peru

In collaboration with our local partners, we are actively containing the spread of Covid-19 in several indigenous communities in Peru. 

My Corona Free School

In partnership with Weltweit e.V., we help a school for people with learning disabilities in Peru to prepare for re-opening and securing a safe return to school

Our Partners

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